[11:12]Gastral: But 400 times... This one's worth to laugh =))
[11:54]Goban: well its seems u lising rap
[11:54]Goban: xD
[11:54]Goban: so
[11:55]Goban: u dont even know what epic music are o well xD i done with u xD good luck
[13:00]Goban: its realy strange how too get in lost island ? xD and where u can get pass ? too it ? and where too
[13:00]Goban: skin color ? xD
[13:01]Goban: https://youtu.be/2SfG4Pfnosg da best game in damm history
[16:29]Gastral: r u the one playing game by youtube?
[16:49]Goban: no i not streamer
[16:49]Goban: lol worst players is streamers xD
[16:50]Goban: and guide makers damm i wish they all die in fire but thats only my wish xD
[16:55]Gastral: There are people who couldn't play game you know?
[22:16]Goban: yep i know some ppl who dont play any games
[22:16]Goban: they like real life games like poker
[22:16]Goban: or table games like rulete
[05:30]Gastral: Your English must be very awesome.
[08:18]Goban: no crapy as hell i only know how too talk bro i cant write
[08:20]Goban: if u see snake elite farm that boss because he drop snakes xD
[22:00]Goban: this game realy good then u come from rape as warzone xD
[17:17]Gastral: So many work in progress...
[18:06]Goban: what is your job?
[18:01]Gastral: I meant game features, so many features haven't done yet.
[18:33]Goban: and never will ! xD
[09:30]Gastral: Did guide battle just work recently? I think I could get in week ago :?
[09:30]Gastral: But it was goddam strong & my guide has only one.
[09:30]Gastral: So anyone care to join?
[09:34]Gastral: Lilitopia
[16:12]Goban: bro me and u only one who playing this game xD
[16:18]Gastral: That is both great and bad news at the same time :))
[19:53]Valycia: Nope.
[20:16]Gastral: Hello Valcyia, your rank quite high yet you set no equipment. It can be retirement right
[20:16]Gastral: Are a mod or sth?
[20:32]Valycia: Nope, just high level.
[20:33]Valycia: I'm also rank 4 in TnT at level 253, so yeah.
[21:55]Gastral: Wow, why did you remove all equiments?
[09:50]Valycia: I'm still using runes.
[10:29]Gastral: Why though? Too strong to be defeated?
[11:06]Valycia: Kinky things.
[11:15]3rdclone: what? o.O
[11:23]Valycia: I obviously can't go into detail.
[11:25]Gastral: BDSM, I assume?
[14:34]sudas: holy siht xD
[14:57]Goban: Dugeon Reseting or ? then u cleared its GG wp ?
[20:01]Goban: one more Q then ppl offline and i go in dugeon they can help me ? xD
[10:40]Goban: oki i try it xD
[10:40]Goban: GG yep they can help u then they offline
[22:54]x1thegirl411: hi everyone, hope you are all having a good day UwU
[03:17]Goban: respond after 1 year xD yeah its nice day xD
[20:43]Spacer0815: A certified bruh moment